Friday, March 9, 2012

Servair's publishes book of culinary inspiration

As the long winter finally comes to a close this month, there may be more than a few of us looking for a little inspiration, and Servair could supply part of that need with a "clever and lively take on five trends in contemporary cuisine."

The caterer announced the availability of book containing the insights of famous celebrity chefs, among them Joël Robuchon, Guy Martin, Jacques Le Divellec and Olivier Roellinger. The chefs give their thoughts on culinary authenticity, emotion, well-being, conviviality and pleasure. Coordinating the effort was Servair's Corporate Chef Michel Quissac.

"Publishing this book is a matter of going (where) people don't necessarily expect us, of bringing a new vision an defending our culinary identity as well as that of our clients, turning it into a strong differentiating marketing asset,” says Servair's CEO Patrick Alexandre. "In a tough economic climate, it is important not to forego creativity and to continue offering passengers food that is inventive, wholesome and delicious."

The Book of Culinary Inspiration offers guidance on cooking utensils and culinary resources. Among the tasty offerings featured are Mycryo butter, Bazas beef, traditional flambé, and aromatic honey. 

The book is available on request. Interested parties can visit the Servair website.