Friday, April 27, 2012

Notable anniversaries

If the airline catering industry is looking for something to celebrate in the coming week, it could be a May 1, 1927 flight between London and Paris of Imperial Airways, the forerunner to British Airways. 

According to the website Plane Talking, May 1 marks the 85th anniversary of the first inflight meal. From all indications it wasn't much to speak of, except for the drinks selection. "Onboard was a small cabinet carrying four gills (servings) of whisky, a dozen bottles of lager beer, two siphons of sparkling water and twelve assorted bottles of mineral water," said the account. 

On the menu were sandwiches and biscuits. 

But if you're looking for something a little more recent to note as April passes into May, it could be the April 6-9, 1997 Conference and Exhibition of what was then the International Inflight Food Service Association (and still IFSA). It was there, we took the first issue of PAX International. With this April, we note 15 years in publishing. Much thanks is owed to our loyal readers and advertisers who have hung with us through the ups and downs of the industry. 

-Rick Lundstrom

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