Friday, June 15, 2012

A cool development in the works

Engineer Anton Jachim is looking for financial backing for a recently designed stand for an Apple iPad that fits comfortably for easy viewing and work onto an economy class tray table.

The designer is showing a prototype of the multi-functional iPad stand on the website, where designers float ideas and seek funding. Jachim is looking to raise US$60,000, according to the website So far, he’s raised approximately US$5,000 for the product and has set a goal of June 19 to go over the top. A video of the concept can be found here

The product, dubbed the Arctic Flight (named after the developer's memorable flight over Greenland's fjords and ice fields), can be used in portrait or landscape modes. Jachim, a Twin Cities resident is working with redgroup in Minneapolis to finalize the product design, and SBS Group  in St. Paul to provide logistics.  

Inflight entertainment developers around the world have been keeping a keen eye on the personal electronic devices that people carry with them when they travel and developing ways to adapt them to their onboard products. If more products like this make their way into the consumer market, look for more passengers attracted to the ease in which the gadgets can be used while on the move. 

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