Thursday, January 30, 2014

Seattle catches the fever

A few of the 12s. Seahawks fans from Global Inflight Products

The Emerald City of Seattle is heading into the  a cold, wintry weekend with a full-blown case of Super Bowl Fever, and its vibrant aviation industry, the largest in North America is part of the madness.

Alaska Airlines is painting its aircraft with Seattle Seahawks logos and the team’s quarterback Russell Wilson, has been named the carrier’s Chief Football Officer. Fans have been making the trip to New York, where this weekend the Seahawks will face the Denver Broncos in what’s shaping up to be a classic.

“One of the best things about the Seahawks is their fans,” said Paulina White, of Global Inflight Products, a supplier of amenity kits, tableware, and comfort items. “Seattle has the proudest fans, they hold the Guinness world record for loudest outdoor stadium, and it is one of the most feared stadiums: this year, the Seahawks only lost one game at home.”

One of those wins came over my local team, The Minnesota Vikings. But despite that, we’ll go ahead and wish luck to the Seahawks and their loyal fans, who are often called the 12th player on the field.

For those outside North America who will be tuning in over the weekend, enjoy the game. One piece of advice: Don’t mute the commercials. They’re almost as much a part of the whole spectacle as the game itself. 

-Rick Lundstrom

Friday, January 24, 2014

Jazz raises funds for children by transforming aircraft parts into furniture

Jazz Aviation LP has announced a collaboration with Toronto-based design firm Creative Group Interiors to raise funds for charity. 
Creative Group Interiors' principal designer, Aisan Ahmadi, has taken retired aircraft parts from Jazz aircraft and transformed them into uniquely designed furniture. The pieces will be auctioned off at the Interior Design Show in Toronto with all proceeds going to charity.

The project was made possible by 3 Points Aviation, a supplier and manufacturer of aircraft parts, who brought Jazz together with Ahmadi at Creative Group Interiors.

Flyable furniture designs by
Creative Group Interiors
"Jazz has a long history with 3 Points Aviation and we are honored to participate in this special project," said Jolene Mahody, Chief Operating Officer at Jazz. "We are proud of all the communities we serve and feel that Chisholm Services for Children is a well-deserving organization for Jazz to contribute to."

Jazz will donate their half of the proceeds to Nova Scotia's Chisholm Services for Children. Creative Group Interiors will donate theirs to ONEXONE.

Some of the extraordinary pieces up for bid include a bar table made from engine parts, a bar made from an airplane galley and a desk made of an aircraft wing. The furniture will be displayed only at the Interior Design Show (Booth #442), and the auction will close at the end of the exhibition on Sunday, January 26, 2014. The bidding will happen through silent auction in the booth and online.

"We believe in designing for the future and helping to build better communities," said Ahmadi. "I had a lot of fun designing these furniture pieces and I hope we can make a small difference with what we have done here."
- Tanya Filippelli

Editor's Note: After the weekend auction, Jazz Aviation announced that it has raised $12,722, that will be donated to Chisholm Services for Children. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Inflight matchmaking takes off on Delta with the help of Oprah Winfrey's love ambassador

When “Love Architect” and author (Real Love, Right Now – Simon & Schuster) Kailen Rosenberg took her seat on a Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul last Thursday to fly to California for the Golden Globes swag bag event, she embarked on more of an adventure than she anticipated: She helped nine passengers find love in the air.

Flight attendant KrisAnne Carolus came up with an idea to have Rosenberg help travelers find their soul mate on Flight 2440 to Los Angeles. “You're invited to find love in the air,” said Carolus over the loudspeaker prior to introducing Rosenberg.
Kailen Rosenberg with Delta Air Lines flight
onboard Flight 2440 to Los Angeles

And that's just what Rosenberg did. “If you're single and believe in love, I want to help you find your soul mate on this flight,” said Rosenberg. “This could be your love story!”

Passengers passed notes to Rosenberg with a brief profile of themselves and a list of what they're looking for, after which she began interviewing the applicants.

Rosenberg matched one single mother of two with an insurance associate and was certain that a woman traveling from Australia may be the soul mate of an existing client in Oregon.

Even an A-List actor enlisted Rosenberg to find him love and a 19-year-old man commended her for her work. Several married couples also jumped in to help play Cupid, directing Rosenberg to single passengers on the flight. One of the couples met on a flight to London and has been married for 30 years.

As a world-renowned LoveArchitect, Rosenberg helps people learn to love themselves and find their soul mate, which is likely why Oprah Winfrey hails Rosenberg as her “Love Ambassador.” The two completed a television series, Lovetown USA where they brought love to an entire town. In the past 20 years, Kailen has led 300 couples into successful marriages.

Kailen Rosenberg's passion for building happy and healthy relationships stems from a childhood experience at St. Joseph's Home for Children in St. Paul, Minnesota. The love and care she received there as a frightened child who had just been removed from her home, inspired her to build a business based on love as an adult. Rosenberg’s overall mission is to bring more love to the world. 

The Delta flight is not the first instance of airline-endorsed romance. Last year Virgin America added a feature to its Red inflight entertainment system that allows passengers to send a drink or snack to another passenger with a the help of a digital seat map. They can follow up with a text massage. 

It seems too early to see this as any kind of trend. But in the past week alone, three reported incidents of unruly passengers occurred in the Friendly Skies. So we'll see this effort by Delta as a worthwhile move toward more harmonious air travel. 

-Melissa Silva

Friday, January 17, 2014

Cruise line trend spotting by CLIA

Further down in the Cruise Line International Association’s State of the Cruise Industry report released this week is a number of developments that the group expects to see take shape in the year to come.
Like their airline counterparts, increased access to communication is occurring. CLIA says improved technology will lower the cost of onboard communications and provide more efficient passenger servicing. We noted that in a recent story where Norwegian Cruise Lines will soon have aboard the Norwegian Breakaway, a high-tech Internet modem that will promise 100 Mbps service for its passengers.

Is cruising becoming both hip and more appealing to those with an eye toward the luxurious? CLIA notes that first-time passenger growth is taking place among millennial travelers. Spurred by improving economic conditions and increased consumer confidence, CLIA says more passengers will be picking luxury category ships and onboard upgrades in the year ahead.
The decks on a cruise ship are also becoming more of a place for a family reunion. Multi-generational and celebration cruises as well as well as something called “social/affinity group travel” will be popular as well.

Cruise lines will be responding to this shifting demographic with more all-inclusive options and packaging in accommodations, services and amenities, notes CLIA

Hot destinations for 2014 will be trans-Pacific, world cruises, U.S. rivers, South America, Antarctic, Middle East, Canada/New England, Africa and Exotic Rivers of the world.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Culinary Calendar from LSG Sky Chefs

A feast for the eyes
By now, many people in the travel catering industry have received the large, flat package delivered to their doors or office by DHL. They’ve unwrapped, paged through and hung what has become a signal of another year’s passing -- the LSG Sky Chefs Calendar.

This year’s calendar is entitled Pura Vida and the pictures have a distinctly botanical theme. As always, half the enjoyment is exploring the various presentations and guessing the ingredients used in each of the pictures. Each month opens the door to a new period of study and contemplation.

The sculpted dishes, rendered in stunning high-definition photography, were first sent to the industry in 2001. Josefine Corsten, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Marketing at LSG Sky Chefs, said photographers generally complete two pictures per day and 15 total are taken for each new calendar.

Like the practices of a good airline catering unit or a good meal, the calendar’s pictures are produced “from scratch,” she said. Brainstorming sessions result in detailed sketches and designs before shooting begins.

“We want to show our passion for food, our ability to produce authentic cuisine from around the globe, our worldwide presence and to give our business partners a beautiful piece of art which accompanies them throughout the year,” said Josefine.

At the end of it all, approximately 2,200 calendars are sent out to customers and business partners around the world. A few samples of pictures from previous calendars can be seen on the company’s website, as well.