Monday, January 20, 2014

Inflight matchmaking takes off on Delta with the help of Oprah Winfrey's love ambassador

When “Love Architect” and author (Real Love, Right Now – Simon & Schuster) Kailen Rosenberg took her seat on a Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul last Thursday to fly to California for the Golden Globes swag bag event, she embarked on more of an adventure than she anticipated: She helped nine passengers find love in the air.

Flight attendant KrisAnne Carolus came up with an idea to have Rosenberg help travelers find their soul mate on Flight 2440 to Los Angeles. “You're invited to find love in the air,” said Carolus over the loudspeaker prior to introducing Rosenberg.
Kailen Rosenberg with Delta Air Lines flight
onboard Flight 2440 to Los Angeles

And that's just what Rosenberg did. “If you're single and believe in love, I want to help you find your soul mate on this flight,” said Rosenberg. “This could be your love story!”

Passengers passed notes to Rosenberg with a brief profile of themselves and a list of what they're looking for, after which she began interviewing the applicants.

Rosenberg matched one single mother of two with an insurance associate and was certain that a woman traveling from Australia may be the soul mate of an existing client in Oregon.

Even an A-List actor enlisted Rosenberg to find him love and a 19-year-old man commended her for her work. Several married couples also jumped in to help play Cupid, directing Rosenberg to single passengers on the flight. One of the couples met on a flight to London and has been married for 30 years.

As a world-renowned LoveArchitect, Rosenberg helps people learn to love themselves and find their soul mate, which is likely why Oprah Winfrey hails Rosenberg as her “Love Ambassador.” The two completed a television series, Lovetown USA where they brought love to an entire town. In the past 20 years, Kailen has led 300 couples into successful marriages.

Kailen Rosenberg's passion for building happy and healthy relationships stems from a childhood experience at St. Joseph's Home for Children in St. Paul, Minnesota. The love and care she received there as a frightened child who had just been removed from her home, inspired her to build a business based on love as an adult. Rosenberg’s overall mission is to bring more love to the world. 

The Delta flight is not the first instance of airline-endorsed romance. Last year Virgin America added a feature to its Red inflight entertainment system that allows passengers to send a drink or snack to another passenger with a the help of a digital seat map. They can follow up with a text massage. 

It seems too early to see this as any kind of trend. But in the past week alone, three reported incidents of unruly passengers occurred in the Friendly Skies. So we'll see this effort by Delta as a worthwhile move toward more harmonious air travel. 

-Melissa Silva

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