Friday, April 4, 2014

WestJet converts to metric time on Fool's Day

WestJet has fooled passengers again this year for April Fool’s Day. The Canadian airline posted a video of its vice president of communications informing passengers that effective immediately all departure times would be converted to metric time.

"We recognize that as a Canadian airline we're missing an important component of truly being Canadian and that's a broader adoption of the metric system," said Richard Bartrem, vice president of communications at WestJet Airlines, in a YouTube video.

"Effective today, we're converting all our scheduled and departure times to metric time. We found some guests were frustrated with a.m. and p.m., missing that important business meeting or ruining the family vacation simply by showing up at wrong time."

Last year, the Calgary-based airline treated viewers to the promise of its "Furry Family" program, which gave passengers high hopes of flying next to dogs, cats, or even turtles. The video amassed nearly 800,000 views on YouTube.

In 2012, WestJet also got passengers excited when it joked about introducing "Kargo Kids," a program where kids would ride a "travel toboggan" to a sectioned off area of the plane while adults could fly in peace and quiet.

-Tanya Filippelli 

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