Thursday, May 22, 2014

Alpha LSG student chefs earn gold at cook-off

Two Alpha LSG-sponsored student chefs from Westminster Kingsway College in the United Kingdom won a Gold designation in an international cooking contest in Hong Kong.

William Breese and Ben Townsend attended the International Colleges Culinary Competition  (ICCC) 2014 for chefs under age 23 from top institutes in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and the United States in a test of imagination, taste and presentation.
William Breeze left and Ben Townsend
right victorious in Hong Kong

The young chefs served four portions of a three-course meal composed of appetizers, a main course and dessert. The teams of two were given a set ingredients and a full larder of extras and just two and a half hours to put together the meal.

Ben and William cooked a Trio of Salmon cooked three ways to start, followed by Roasted Guinea Fowl with Foie Gras, Ballotine of Guinea Fowl and Bon Bon, and a dessert of Chocolate and Mango Marquis, Coconut Ice-Cream with Mango, Chilli and Lime Salsa.

Lecturer Barry Jones, who accompanied William and Ben to Hong Kong, said the young chefs entered three strong courses, with the Roasted Guinea Fowl demonstrating a variety of skills and cooking methods across its many elements, which came together “in an appealing and tasty plate of food that was well executed and modern.”

The judges agreed, awarding Ben and William the Gold for their Guinea Fowl dish.
Outside of the competition, the teams were also treated to a full program planned by the Principal Instructor for Western Cuisine at the Hospitality Industry Training and Development Centre, Andreas Mueller. The chefs went on a tour of the city visiting such places as the expensive Peak district overlooking Hong Kong and Kowloon and the Tai O Village, where the residents live in miniature aluminium houses and are dependent on fishing and tourism.

“Ben and William did us all proud and I was very pleased with the way they represented Westminster Kingsway College and Alpha LSG at the competition. We would all like to extend our immense gratitude to Alpha LSG for their wonderful support in this venture, and for giving these two students an opportunity to travel to a country that has broadened their horizons,” said Barry.

Alpha LSG’s Head of Culinary Academy Paul Mason, who also mentors Ben and William, said: “The International Colleges Culinary Competition is a tough test which put our students up against four of the best overseas teams. To win Gold for their main course is a triumph to be proud of and one which we hope will continue to inspire them throughout their studies and future career.”

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