Wednesday, May 7, 2014

LSG Sky Chefs waste initiative recycles 6.5K tonnes in U.S.

Since February 2013, LSG Sky Chefs operations in the United States has recycled 6,500 tonnes of waste through caterer’s environmental initiative “Zero Waste to Landfill."

Dale Easdon, SVP North
American Operations at
LSG Sky Chefs
As a result, the company says it has reduced greenhouse gases by 21,000 tonnes, the equivalent to taking more than 3,800 cars off the road for an entire year.

“As part of our social responsibility philosophy, our aim is to become the first airline caterer to achieve ‘zero waste to landfill’ in the U.S.,” says Dale Easdon, LSG Sky Chefs’ Senior Vice President Operations, North America.

Planners have a goal of 100% recycling for waste generated at 41 LSG Sky Chefs locations in the U.S. that up to now has gone to landfill. In addition to implementing new methods of material recycling, the LSG Sky Chefs emphacizes comprehensive training for employees and presses suppliers to introduce environmentally compatible materials and processes.

In addition, LSG Sky Chefs has purchased machines to separate, clean and compact waste according to different criteria and prepare it for recycling.

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