Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer of the Spring Roll

Delegates to the APOT/IFSA/APEX Asia Pacific Forum who rolled out of bed early enough
Happy K added inspiration
and logistical support
the morning of June 5 had the chance to make their mark in Guinness World Record history. 

Shortly before 06:00 the first of the hearty group trooped out to the breathtaking beach at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa outside the city of Denang, Vietnam. They were greeted by a spectacular sunrise and a handful of fishermen who were possibly just ending their day on the sea. What lay ahead was an organizational and logistical challenge: work shoulder to shoulder with several hundred local students to assemble a 500 meter-long spring roll that would be measured and hopefully recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records
Margie Maus of Marfo Foods and
Rene Haehnen of gategroup pause
in the assembly process for a picture

Supplying manpower and materiel for the feat was a number of caterers in Vietnam. One of the driving forces behind the effort was Bert Dinkel, Deputy General Manger at Vietnam Airlines Caterers. Bert said he first proposed the idea of a world record spring roll to APOT Founder Keerthi Hapugasdeniya (Happy K) of Happy K Solutions.

If anyone is wondering what goes into a 500-meter spring roll, Bert sent us a list of ingredients. Among them are 150 kilograms of raw chicken breast, 70 kilograms of rice noodles, 120 kilograms of prawns, 60 kilograms of rice paper, 35 kilograms of salad escarole, 10 liters of fish sauce and various cups, dishes, meal boxes and foam material. The ingredients were air freighted from Vietnam Airlines Caterer’s headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City.
Ian Matthews, Managing Director of
Portavin in Australia at the ready 

The ingredients, with the help of willing hands were all assembled in a couple hours as music played and directions were given over bullhorns in various languages. At some point, the process of spraying the rice paper flat and rolling the ingredients began, and none too soon, as another day in a Vietnam summer promised heat and humidity of a particularly oppressive nature by mid-morning. Shortly before 9:00 much of the work was completed and the world record attempt was cut into pieces for donation to local hospitals.

“I hope that it will be recognized by Guinness book of Records as the longest,” said Bert. “I know Happy is working hard to put video together in order to send to the certification body. In one months time we should be able to know of their approval.”

-Rick Lundstrom