Wednesday, July 30, 2014

British Airways brings 'Soccer AM' to the skies

British Airways is introducing football highlights and sports magazine shows on a number of long-haul flights this summer.

The airline is introducing popular Saturday cable show, Soccer AM on flights from August 19, available in the ‘Sport’ section of British Airways’ inflight entertainment.

The 30-minute program will be updated weekly to coincide with the latest football news and results.

“We aim to cater to all sports fans with our extensive range of popular programs,” said Richard D’Cruze, British Airways’ in-flight entertainment manager. “Now we offer more choice than ever - from action sports to the nation’s favorite sport, showing on board.”

The new channel ‘Red Bull Sports’ is also launching on board from September featuring footage from Red Bull Media House’s archives of sport programming.

-Tanya Filippelli 

Monday, July 21, 2014

LSG's frozen food company notes 20 years

LSG Sky Chefs’ frozen-food subsidiary, LSG-Sky Food, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

The Alzey, Germany company now produces up to 35 million meals a year for airlines, canteens and retail outlets in Europe. 

“When LSG Sky Chefs opened its first dedicated frozen airline meals facility in 1994, it was a first in the industry,” said a release from the company. “The rationale for establishing the business was based on the rising demand for consistent, high-quality meals at an efficient cost. It also offered the advantage of meals that could be produced and stored regardless of the daily fluctuations in passenger numbers.” 

LSG-Sky Food started with approximately 50 employees and a single customer, producing about 3.5 million Economy Class meals in the first year. In 2008, the production area was extended by 1,500 square meters (for a total area of 7,500) to accommodate the growing number of customers. Today, annual production is 10 times what it was when the facility opened, and the customer list has grown to 25 airlines for which Economy, Business and First-Class meals and meal components are produced. The company has also reached into the retail and canteen markets in Germany.

The kitchen is equipped with two frying belts (for items like beef, shrimp and scrambled eggs), a blancher (for pasta, vegetables and German-style dumplings, for example) and eight assembly lines where meals are portioned before going through one of two spiral freezers that quickly chill the food to minus 18°C. Four to six tons of vegetables, 1.3 tons of beef and 3.6 tons of pasta can be processed there every day.

“I am always impressed by the passion with which our staff produces high-quality meals every single day,” said Alexander Thies, Managing Director LSG-Sky Food GmbH. “We are active in very dynamic markets, so I am proud that our team responds with so much passion in meeting the challenges this represents. Our success of the past 20 years is the best proof of their dedication.” 

A special highlight of the anniversary is the fact that among the 409 employees, 38 have been with the company from the start, also noting 20 years with LSG-Sky Food.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

IFSA Foundation scholarships make a big difference for students

Editor’s Note: Applications for scholarships from the IFSA Foundation of the international Flight Services Association ended last month. At this year's IFSA Conference and Exhibition, underwriters will award $60,000 in scholarships to deserving students. 

IFSA’s Communication Manager Lauren Godinez at the Kellen Company put together this report on what the scholarships have meant to several students over the years.

Look for a rundown of the scholarship recipients for 2014 in an upcoming issue of PAX International.

Students today face many more obstacles than they did 10 years ago. With the increase in tuition rates, the higher cost of living and parents lacking the finances to support their college-age children, financial assistance is becoming critical for higher education. Since 2000, the International Flight Services Association Foundation has administered more than $340,000 in financial support to help students and current onboard services professionals further their education. The Foundation scholarships cover tuition, books, living expenses and other costs associated with college. Having that financial burden taken care of can make a world of a difference for students.

“I had wanted to go back to school to get my MBA for a while. My ultimate goal was to become a managing director of food and beverage planning. When I came across the IFSA Foundation Scholarships via my boss, it gave me the motivation I needed to set my plan into action. I knew that I needed to sharpen my skills in business finance and theory, as well as develop a grounded, theory-based perspective that I can apply to my real-world experiences,” said Todd Traynor-Corey, managing director, food and beverage planning and design, United Airlines.

“I applied for several of the sponsorships and was selected for AMI Inflight’s Scholarships Award, which paid for the first two semesters of my MBA program. I was so thankful to be selected and it truly motivated me to stick to my plan and reach for my goal. I’m now two and half years into my classes and I’m happy to report that I have already reached my goal of becoming a Managing Director. But I’m always looking ahead, so it’s time to start thinking about my next goal. The IFSA Foundation Scholarship program has had a huge impact on my career in the inflight industry and I’m grateful for it.”

For Matthew Armstrong, receiving the 2013 IFSA Member Family Scholarship Award, helped fund his studies in neuroscience at the University of Texas, San Antonio. He hopes to one-day work in a lab, possibly on cures for infectious diseases.

“Without the IFSA Member Family Scholarship Award, I would have to make money by taking a job for the university, which would take a lot of time away from my studies,” said Armstrong. “I’m honored to receive the award and it shows that hard work and dedication do pay off. I’m thankful for it because I’m able to take a full course load and not stress over time and finances.”
Brinton Atkinson
received his scholarship
in 2011 

Brinton Atkinson, a past winner of the IFSA Foundation Oakfield Farms Solutions and Lois Campbell Scholarship, used his award to further his business education at Brigham Young University. His goal was to apply his degree to his career in the airline industry.

“Winning both the IFSA Foundation Oakfield Farms Solutions and Lois Campbell Scholarship awards were critical in helping further my education and fueling my passion for entrepreneurship,” said Atkinson. “They have made it possible for me to be immersed in business education and put me in a position from which I can better contribute to the airline industry. Because of my strong motivation and exceptional work ethic, I believe scholarships like these were the best thing for me.”

In 2014, more than 200 scholarship applications were submitted to the Foundation Board. Through even more generous donations, the IFSA Foundation will administer more than $60,000 in scholarship awards this year. The scholarships are available to students and industry professionals across the world. The Foundation Board will meet in July 2014 to select the recipients, who will be announced during the APEX/IFSA EXPO, September 15-18. Visit for more information about the IFSA Foundation.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lufthansa Technik's new look for AIX Americas

At the October Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) Americas held in Seattle, Lufthansa Technik will be unveiling a impressive booth, almost as impressive as the news the company will share at the show.

Offering interior solutions for various fleet sizes, Lufthansa Technik is an integrator capable of handling aircraft interior programs of varying complexity. Cabin refurbishments contracted to Lufthansa Technik can either be scheduled individually, or integrated into scheduled heavy maintenance checks.

Featuring the company’s signature colors, the booth is newsworthy itself, with tall wall structures encasing a streamlined interior. If the booth is any indication of what Lufthansa Technik can achieve with cabin interiors and modifications, I’d say visitors to this year’s AIX Americas are in for a real treat.

-Melissa Silva