Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Panasonic Wi-Fi aboard Ebola emergency A340

Panasonic Avionics has pitched in with critical communications for a high-tech flying hospital used to transport Ebola patients from Africa to overseas care facilities.

An A340-300 aircraft, which is chartered from Lufthansa German Airlines by the German Foreign office, has been converted into a hospital. The aircraft is outfitted with isolation chambers for patients diagnosed as suffering from the disease.

The A340 is equipped with Panasonic's eXConnect system, offering the on-board crew and medical staff direct Internet access and email services for essential air-to-ground communications during the emergency flights.

"Since the founding of Panasonic, our company has been committed to using technology to improve peoples' lives. We are very excited to support this humanitarian cause and believe our global communication technology will enable medical professionals to more effectively care for patients,” said Panasonic Avionics CEO Paul Margis.

The flights will be operated by volunteer pilots and flight attendants and will be available for any country which needs to transport Ebola patients.

The aircraft is due to be available for its missions starting this month.

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