Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year's dessert delights on Thai Airways

Thai Airways International will be offering special dessert menu for during December 31 to January 1 onboard all international flights from Bangkok (except on Middle East routes, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India) during either lunch or dinner meal service.

Royal First Class passengers will be served black forest cake with chocolate sauce. Royal Silk Class passengers will be served New York cheesecake. Economy Class passengers will be served banana cake with caramel sauce.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Kuwait airline Jazeera is IdeaWorksCompany’s best innovator

With a fleet of only seven aircraft, Jazeera Airways can personalize service products that
protect passengers and their vehicles from the desert heat in several ways and earned the airline first place among IdeaWorksCompany’s Top 5 Revenue Innovation Champs for 2016.

IdeaWorksCompany is based in Shorewood, Wisconsin, near Milwaukee and is a well-known consulting firm that tracks airline ancillary revenue, and works with airlines on brand development, customer research and competitive analysis, frequent flyer programs and on-site executive workshops.

Several factors gave Jazeera the edge, said IdeaWorksCompany. The airline in September opened its Park & Fly facility, which has more than 500 covered parking spaces, and an air-conditioned private building for check-in that has Starbucks coffee, ATM, newsagent and a money exchange.

“It’s an exceptional example of an airline building ancillary revenue from service and retail activity, while gaining even more by attracting higher-yield business travelers,” said a release from IdeaWorksCompany.

IdeaWorksCompany recognized four other airlines:
  • Ryanair has built a following of 11 million people in its My Ryanair customer profile initiative. Prospective members answer 15 questions to build a customer profile, with the data collected used for offers to boost revenues. In September Ryanair offered a €10 flight credit to join.
  • Delta Air Lines has been investing heavily in to improve passenger service. Delta now has RFID attachments to bags for passengers to track movement on mobile phone apps.
  • Vueling has a new Pending Passenger feature allows people to book a fellow passenger without a name and save them a seat for a fee of €2 and supply the name of the passenger within a 72 hour window. “Pending Passenger entices consumers to book Vueling…even when all the details of a trip are not yet confirmed,” said IdeaWorksCompany.
  • The fifth airline recognized for innovation was Qantas Airways. People who buy the Qantas Assure health insurance policy can download an app that delivers frequent flyer miles for remaining physically active. Program members can accrue up to 15,000 Qantas pointe in a year for running, walking or even dancing. “The program provides a powerful combination of benefits for Qantas by encouraging frequent flyer participation, generating policy revenue, and building the brand as one that cares for its customers,” said IdeaWorksCompany. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Bill Braun retires from Chelsea Food Services/United Airlines

Shortly before the Thanksgiving Holiday, Bill Braun Managing Director of Global Sales and Marketing at Chelsea Food Services/United Airlines dropped us a short note announcing his retirement after 20 years with the company.

At the time of retirement, Bill was also working as Managing Director of the Food Service Operations at United's Denver hub.

“I’ve lived in many exciting places, working with some great people, and for some excellent companies,” he said. 

In a 2012 story in PAX International, Bill looked back on a career in an ever changing industry, with endless challenges. He also gave some advice to anyone at the beginning of a career. 

Bill Braun

“It’s an exciting business with lots of great opportunities to advance, travel, and meet people from all walks of life. Your pay will get better and better if you work hard and deliver good results. But, expect to work lots of hours, weekends, nights, holidays, seven-day weeks,” he said. No doubt, he knows from personal experience.

He also gave back to the industry as an active member of the International Flight Services Association Board for nearly 10 years. 

In retirement Bill plans to live in both Denver and San Diego, where he will enjoy snow skiing and sailing and being around family and friends. He and his wife, Chris, also plan to travel extensively, visiting industry colleagues from his 47 years in the business.

Best wishes to Bill for a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Acro – Fast Track to sales success

The Series 6 Economy Class seat from Acro Aircraft Seating

Acro Aircraft Seating placed number seven in the 20th anniversary edition of the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100.

The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 league table ranks the UK’s 100 private companies with the fastest-growing sales over their latest three years. It is compiled by Fast Track and published in The Sunday Times each December, with an awards event the following May, and alumni dinners during the year.

Acro was established is one of the fastest growing aircraft seating companies in the world, growing more than 100% year on year for the last four years.
“Our designs are rooted in our belief that seats can’t be comfortable, only passengers can, and that comfort is found in the spaces between the seats,” said a release from Acro. “We explore and design around these hidden dimensions, in a way that creates extraordinary and unexpected differences, with a goal to provide perfect comfort for passengers.”

PAX International will be publishing a multi-page feature on airline seating in our January-February issue, distributed at Aircraft Interiors Middle East in Dubai.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Recaro breaks ground on logistics center

Recaro Aircraft Seating is investing €13.5 million (US$15 million) in its headquarters in Schwaebisch Hall for construction of a 6,000 square meter logistics center.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion occurred November 24. The logistics center will be ready by the end of 2017.

“This investment clearly acknowledges our commitment to the Schwaebisch Hall location and represents a milestone in our company development,” said Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder at Recaro Aircraft Seating, on the occasion of the official start of construction. “This will enable us to meet the requirements of our accelerated growth and the growing number of employees. In the current year alone, we have recruited 55 new employees. The resulting logistics center with a warehouse for 1,400 finished seats also enables us to operate more efficiently, to offer even better services and to enhance the overall service we provide to our customers.”

At the end of next year, the new logistics center will have an automatic high-rack warehouse and will accommodate nearly 3,200 pallets and more than 39,000 containers in its small-parts warehouse. Additionally, truck access to the logistics center will be redesigned and the recycling depot will be expanded.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

IdeaWorksCompany picks top merchandising innovations

The latest report from IdeaWorksCompany in Milwaukee provides examples − covering traditional airlines, low cost carriers, and suppliers from all over the world – of unique methods by airlines that generate more revenue from the sale of tickets and ancillary.

Among the interesting efforts by airlines noted by the company:

· Asia’s Value Alliance and technology partner Air Black Box have created an online booking platform allowing individual airlines to choose how to interline with other members of the alliance.

· Jazeera boosts customer loyalty and generates ancillary revenue at its new exclusive 500 car Park and Fly facility at Kuwait Airport.

· AnadoluJet generated 100,000 new passenger trips from a campaign that provided $5 (TRL 14.90) airport transfers at its Istanbul and Ankara airport hubs.

· Virgin Atlantic increased online sales by 5% through a service making it easy for consumers to resume their booking days after visiting the site.

· American and its AAdvantage program are expected to pick up an additional $1.6 billion over three years through new credit card deals offered by two banks instead of one.

· Eurowings encouraged 45% of its consumers to upgrade to a higher fare and more frills by offering branded fares.

“Top Merchandising Innovations to Delight Air Travelers and Boost Profits” was released today as a free 16-page report available at the IdeaWorksCompany website. The 2016 Ancillary Revenue Report series is sponsored by CarTrawler.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Servair Chefs trained by Michelin-starred Martin

Servair is continuing its collaboration with Guy Martin, which started in 2002. The Michelin-
Guy Martin
starred chef, a founding member of the Servair Culinary Studio, has created six meals for the new Air France Business menu and is training the Servair teams.

Martin is the Michelin-starred Chef of the Grand Véfour restaurant.

For three months, starting from October 1, Servair will be offering Air France Business Class passengers the chance to enjoy one of six recipes specially created by Guy Martin on board its long-haul flights from Paris. A different dish will be offered every two weeks.

Big names in the chef world, such as Joël Robuchon, Régis Marcon, Michel Roth, François Adamski, Yves Camdeborde and Anne-Sophie Pic, have developed Signature Meals for the Air France Business class menu.

In six Servair centers in the Paris area, chefs were appointed to manage the cooking and presentation of each of these Signature Meals. Guy Martin trained them for two days so that in turn they can convey to passengers all the pleasure that the Michelin-starred Chef of the Grand restaurant has put into his creations.

The Servair chefs will then make the following six Signature Meals:
  • Pan-cooked prawns, broccoli with ginger, butternut purée and a shellfish jus with flat-leaf parsley
  • Sautéed veal seasoned with Melegueta pepper, with organic maize penne, vegetables and pearl onions
  • Roasted guinea fowl breast, carrot and cardamom ketchup, organic red quinoa like a risotto with a cranberry jus
  • Orecchiette pasta with squid and rocket on a tomato base flavoured with coriander seeds.
  • Veal chuck, sautéed porcini mushrooms, smooth artichoke purée with an organic beetroot and blackcurrant jus
  • Cod loin fillet, basmati rice in turmeric, crushed courgette with cashew nuts, and coconut sauce seasoned with Espelette pepper

Friday, August 12, 2016

Zodiac Aerospace wins a Reddot Design Award

Zodiac Aerospace’s Lifestyle cabin concept has won the Reddot Award in the category “Design concept.”

The Advanced Concept Team and designers from several business units of Zodiac Aerospace worked with London-based creative agency New Territory on the design. 

“The Lifestyle cabin concept illustrates possible aircraft interior design for 10 years’ time, and aims to provoke conversation around the future of the aerospace industry. The concept, privately unveiled at the Aircraft Interiors Expo and Paris Air Show is visualized through a 20th scale aircraft 3D model,” said a release from Zodiac. 

The mock up also features the accompanying motion work on six screens around the model mounted on a light box. The screens bring the interior concept to life through rendered images showing fluid natural movements of passengers around the cabin. 

At Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016, airlines were also able to visit the lifestyle cabin virtually and “walk” into a cabin that could fly in 10 years. The Lifestyle concept also claimed a Crystal Cabin Award in Hamburg.

Photos of the Lifestyle cabin mockup can be found here

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

HMSHost launches Pokémon Go program

With the augmented reality Pokémon Go mobile gaming phenomenon sweeping the United States and beyond, global restaurateur HMSHost reports that elements of the game, called Pokéstops, have been identified at many of its more than 2,000 travel dining locations.

“It’s safe to say that the majority of bystanders have encountered committed players of the game hunting these fantasy creatures in virtually every crevice of the earth—meandering the streets, gallivanting in public parks, and of course exploring airports with phones gripped tightly in pursuit of all 145 currently existing characters,” said a release from the company.

To cater to fans, HMSHost will be launching a "Lure" program in strategic locations, dropping Lures within its airport and motorway restaurants that attract more Pokémon to the area for guests to catch. HMSHost is also engaging its local associates in 50 markets across the United States that will serve as “Pokémon Leads” to activate game-related promotions at a local level. This includes dropping Lures, offering refresh and recharge stations to players, and other game tactics.

“Although having fun is encouraged in HMSHost restaurants, guests are advised to always be mindful of their own safety and the safety of other during their travels,” the company concludes.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Qantas and designer turn tourist snaps into silk scarves

Four Qantas passengers have had their own personal holiday pictures turned into luxury limited edition silk scarves as part of collaboration between Qantas and Australian designers Bird & Knoll.

It’s the second year that Qantas and Bird & Knoll have worked to combine fashion and travel after the debut of the “Feels Like Home” scarf last year, inspired by Qantas Trend Consultant Jessica Hart’s hometown of Melbourne.

The 2016 “Destinations” has four Qantas destinations photographed by travelers who submitted an image they had taken of their favorite destination as part of a Qantas Instagram competition. A panel of judges including Vogue Editor, Edwina McCann, Bird & Knoll founders Macayla Chapman and Natalie Knoll and Qantas Digital Consultant Nicole Warne selected the winning entries.

The images show Tamworth (New South Wales), Venice Beach (Los Angeles), giraffes in the mist (South Africa) and Bondi’s iconic Iceberg ocean baths (Sydney). The images have been translated on to the 90 x 90 centimeter silk designer scarves.

The winning entry destinations include:
Tamworth: Colin Goddard, Sydney
Bondi: Samantha Herbut, Adelaide
South Africa; Soseh Demirian, Sydney
Venice Beach: Carly Chan, Auckland

Bird & Knoll’s design photographer Natalie Knoll said she was impressed with the caliber of images submitted and in particular, the raw authenticity of the images, which were all shot spontaneously during travel, adventures.

“All four of the images by our guest photographers are captivating in different ways. Bondi and Venice Beach are both bold with bursts of bright colors and activity, while South Africa and Tamworth use soft light to highlight the warmth and beauty of animal and landscape. The composition of each image is clever and they all translate perfectly in to a Bird & Knoll scarf.”

The Qantas/Bird & Knoll “Destinations” series scarves will be available for purchase at,, and select retail for $132 each.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Aeroflot holds InstaMeet at Aeromar

Aeromar catering products photographed at the most
recent InstaMeet 

Aeroflot recently held what it called an “InstaMeet” with Russian Instagrammers July 21 at the Aeroflot and LSG Sky Chefs subsidiary, Aeromar.

As part of the #trainingAeroflotFood project, Instagrammers visited an area that is usually closed to the public to taste Aeroflot’s new business-class menu and meet head chef Thierry Mona and Ginza Project brand chef Cristiano Lorenzini.

The InstaMeet is the third in Aeroflot’s @Training_Project program, where Instagrammers photograph areas usually off-limits to the public, learn new skills and see the chefs at work. The first InstaMeet was held in February 2015 at the Sheremetyevo training complex, and the second in May 2015 at Aeroflot’s Air Technical Centre.

The idea came from Ekaterina Mishchenkova, an Instagrammer and member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers.

“Much of what we saw at Aeromar was a real discovery, above all how famous chefs invent new dishes, analysis of passengers’ taste preferences, the use of Russian products and strict quality control,” Mishchenkova said in a release by Aeroflot.

Photos and videos from the event at Aeromar can be seen on Instagram with the #trainingAeroflotFood hashtag.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Culinary friends combine for holiday on JAL

Japan Airlines will provide a special in-flight meal in First Class and Business Class on
select international flights departing from Tokyo Narita and Haneda airports to promote recognition of Tomodachi Day or Friends Day on July 20.

The day was inspired by the first manned mission to the moon by the astronauts of Apollo 11. An Argentine psychologist was deeply touched by the feat, and wrote letters to 1,000 of his friends. To commemorate this, the people of Central America and South America mark July 20 as “a day to confirm friendship” for calling, writing, or giving gifts to friends in person.

Kundo Koyama, a broadcast writer and general advisor for JAL international products is promoting Tomodachi Day in Japan through various projects.

To support his project JAL will serve Tomodachi Rice Bowl produced by Chef Yosuke Suga of SUGALABO for the second meal in First Class and Business Class on select international flights. The airline will also start to introduce this new a la carte menu in First Class on international flights departing from Tokyo, starting September 1.

Tomodachi Rice Bowl is a menu created by Chef Suga using basil and tomato, which are culinary “friends”. Basil, called a companion plant, promotes the growth of tomatoes when planted together, and absorbs excess water to sweeten and improve the flavor of tomatoes. Because this relationship can be compared to friends helping each other grow, Chef Suga named this dish “Tomodachi Rice Bowl.”

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

En Route video a cheese fan's dream

En Route International works with Bradbury and Son to supply business and first class cheeses to its airline customers.

The partners have also produced a mouthwatering video on the process of aging and selecting cheese before making the products available for service in Business and First Class. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

UEFA 2016 anthem playing on Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is taking David Guetta’s UEFA EURO 2016 anthem to the 24 competing nations in this year’s tournament.

The star’s music video for This One’s For You was unveiled June 10. The Turkish Airlines presented film amassed nearly half a million views within its first day.

Turkish Airlines is the official airline partner of this summer’s competition. Passengers traveling on Turkish Airlines will be able to stream it on their in-flight entertainment systems. As part of Turkish Airline’s #EuropesBest campaign, the flag carrier has also teamed up with music streaming service Spotify. The top-charting songs from each competing nation is aggregated into a playlist (called Europe’s Best Songs), which is available on Spotify or on the campaign’s microsite,

“Music has always been a big part of football,” said Ahmet Olmuştur, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Turkish Airlines, in today’s announcement. “Chants that echo around stadia have brought fans together for decades, and this new song and video from David Guetta will do just that. Turkish Airlines is thrilled to be featured in the ‘This One’s For You’ video, and we’re all looking forward to a successful tournament.”
This One’s For You was written and produced by David Guetta and features Swedish pop sensation Zara Larsson. One million fans also took part in the recording of the song through a special application created by UEFA. David Guetta performed the song at a free concert under the Eiffel Tower in Paris at last week.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

JAL helps passengers keep Fuji San in sight

Japan Airlines now has a webpage called “Which Side is Mt. Fuji?” to tell which window side passengers can see Mt. Fuji on its domestic flights.

“This service is in response to many customers’ interest in knowing which side Mt. Fuji can be seen in the cabin during their flights,” said a release from JAL. 

To enable worldwide passengers easily find which window side to see JAL within Japan, this special page is provided in both Japanese and English on JAL’s global website.

Beverage packaging on growth track

The market research company ASDReports predicts that the world market for beverage packaging will reach $112.4 billion this year. 

This forecast and others appear in Beverage Packaging Market Report 2016-2026: Analysis of Top Companies & Forecasts of Rigid & Flexible Plastic, Glass, Metal, Paper & Other Materials is available for purchase by the company.

The global beverage packaging market is expected to witness considerable change in its competitive landscape over the next 10 years. ASDReports says Asia Pacific region is estimated to be the largest regional market. Commodity price fluctuations as well as concerns over the slowdown of the economy growth in China have fueled investors with worries over the outlook for the region. 

Asia Pacific constitutes the largest market for the beverage packaging industry as well as providing several growth opportunities. The company estimates Europe is the second-largest market, however economic growth may offset the beverage packaging growth even though the region is known for rapid innovations in the sector. North America is projected to be the third market by value. The United States represents a developed economy with limited opportunities for new entrants and slow but steady growth. Furthermore, U.S. manufacturers are more exposed to capital market fluctuations. Uneven growth patterns are recognized in emerging economies of Latin America, and Middle East and Africa regions, potentially representing good opportunity but with higher risks. ASDReports says the Australasia region may also experience fluctuations of growth, however Australia represents a more mature market. The report provides analysis of the political and financial climates in the regions.

Friday, April 29, 2016

HMSHost plans May airport restaurant celebration

Readers of PAX International who are on the move next month can find some dining surprises as they make their way through airports.

May is airport Restaurant Month, declared by global restaurateur HMSHost. It is now expanding the celebration overseas, to nearly 90 participating restaurants at more than 50 airports across North America and Europe. 

The concept launched in North American airports in October 2014, Now it includes resturants operated by HMSHost’s parent company, Autogrill, at Brussels Airport, Zürich Airport, and Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport in Rome. 

“HMSHost created the first of its kind monthly holiday because one week isn’t enough to celebrate our culinary creativity,” said HMSHost Vice President of Marketing Atousa Ghoreichi in today’s announcement. 

Each restaurant location can customize its Airport Restaurant Month menu based on specially created dishes by HMSHost’s corporate executive chef and culinary team. Each dish is served with style that diners would find with streetside restaurants. Guests will receive a choice of entrée, accompanied by several side dishes. Some of the dishes travelers will find include rosemary grilled shrimp, flat iron steak, parmesan-crusted chicken; and a baked Portobello mushroom. 

Visit for a full list of participating locations.

Recaro a German Innovator of the Year 2016

Alfons Stachel, Director Innovation (left),
and Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO and Shareholder at Recaro Aircraft Seating

In a three-stage process, brand eins and Statista acknowledged it's picks for most innovative companies in Germany for 2016. Among them was Recaro Aircraft Seating.

Experts from the field rated a total of 1,800 companies. Nearly 250 made it to the list of the best.

“The Innovator of the Year 2016 award demonstrates that your business is at the forefront when it comes to intelligent products, processes and services,” writes Dr. Friedrich \ Schwandt, CEO of Statista GmbH, in his letter to the best companies released today.

The companies are judged by representatives from companies that have received awards for their innovations as well as executives with years of professional experience in the areas of research and development, production, human resources, communication, strategy and marketing. Their decisions were made based on a online survey of 1,800 companies – a pre-selection resulting from an analysis of several German innovation awards. On average, each participant submitted 18 recommendations – creating a meaningful platform from which emerged a best list of around 250 companies.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Monty’s Bakehouse pastry wins Gulf Food award

Monty's Winning entry: Hot Lattice Pastry

Longtime airline supplier Monty’s Bakehouse, in partnership with Agthia Group has been awarded the Best New Bakery Award for the “Monty’s Bakehouse Hot Lattice Pastry” at the Gulf Food Awards 2016.
Senior Sales and Marketing
Manager Lucy Stowell
with the winning certificate

The awards were held February 21 in Dubai as part of the Gulf Food Exhibition. The event draws companies from all over the world, and are designed to celebrate excellence and innovation across every category of the global food and hospitality industry.

On hearing about the company’s success in winning this category, CEO Matt Crane of Monty’s Bakehouse said “Winning this award is a great accolade for Monty’s Bakehouse and the Agthia Group, and is a testament to the whole team involved from the UK and the UAE in launching the Agthia Bakery in Abu Dhabi and our savoury manufacturing lines for these products. This recognition confirms the establishment of our manufacturing base in the UAE via our partnership with Agthia which has been a turning point for Monty’s Bakehouse and the result of a tremendous team effort by both our businesses.

"We look forward to developing our partnership with the Agthia Group and strengthening our presence in the UAE with additional Monty’s Bakehouse products for the UAE and surround GCC market." 

The Monty's and Agthia Group team pose for a picture

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Recaro’s economy class seat wins design gold

The Recaro team, left to right, Hartmut Schürg, Christian 
Keck, Christoph Schürg, André Gärtner, Oliver Forgatsch, 
Dr. Mark Hiller

Recaro Aircraft Seating this month received the gold  “German Design Award 2016” in Frankfurt for its CL3710 Economy Class Seat from the country’s Design Council. 

The CL3710 won against competitors in the “Public Design” category. The German Design
Council honors exceptional international design with its gold premium award.

The CL3710 is the first seat that was modularly developed and customized to meet individual customer requirements. Eighteen patent applications were filed during the product’s development.

“It's a great feeling to be honored with one of the most prestigious design awards ever,” says Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder of Recaro Aircraft Seating, who accepted the award together with Oliver Forgatsch, Head of Ergonomics and Design. Christoph Schürg, Team Leader Industrial Design, André Gärtner, Industrial Designer, and Christian Keck, Manager Global Marketing, all from Schwaebisch Hall, were also present at the event.