Friday, July 29, 2016

Aeroflot holds InstaMeet at Aeromar

Aeromar catering products photographed at the most
recent InstaMeet 

Aeroflot recently held what it called an “InstaMeet” with Russian Instagrammers July 21 at the Aeroflot and LSG Sky Chefs subsidiary, Aeromar.

As part of the #trainingAeroflotFood project, Instagrammers visited an area that is usually closed to the public to taste Aeroflot’s new business-class menu and meet head chef Thierry Mona and Ginza Project brand chef Cristiano Lorenzini.

The InstaMeet is the third in Aeroflot’s @Training_Project program, where Instagrammers photograph areas usually off-limits to the public, learn new skills and see the chefs at work. The first InstaMeet was held in February 2015 at the Sheremetyevo training complex, and the second in May 2015 at Aeroflot’s Air Technical Centre.

The idea came from Ekaterina Mishchenkova, an Instagrammer and member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers.

“Much of what we saw at Aeromar was a real discovery, above all how famous chefs invent new dishes, analysis of passengers’ taste preferences, the use of Russian products and strict quality control,” Mishchenkova said in a release by Aeroflot.

Photos and videos from the event at Aeromar can be seen on Instagram with the #trainingAeroflotFood hashtag.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Culinary friends combine for holiday on JAL

Japan Airlines will provide a special in-flight meal in First Class and Business Class on
select international flights departing from Tokyo Narita and Haneda airports to promote recognition of Tomodachi Day or Friends Day on July 20.

The day was inspired by the first manned mission to the moon by the astronauts of Apollo 11. An Argentine psychologist was deeply touched by the feat, and wrote letters to 1,000 of his friends. To commemorate this, the people of Central America and South America mark July 20 as “a day to confirm friendship” for calling, writing, or giving gifts to friends in person.

Kundo Koyama, a broadcast writer and general advisor for JAL international products is promoting Tomodachi Day in Japan through various projects.

To support his project JAL will serve Tomodachi Rice Bowl produced by Chef Yosuke Suga of SUGALABO for the second meal in First Class and Business Class on select international flights. The airline will also start to introduce this new a la carte menu in First Class on international flights departing from Tokyo, starting September 1.

Tomodachi Rice Bowl is a menu created by Chef Suga using basil and tomato, which are culinary “friends”. Basil, called a companion plant, promotes the growth of tomatoes when planted together, and absorbs excess water to sweeten and improve the flavor of tomatoes. Because this relationship can be compared to friends helping each other grow, Chef Suga named this dish “Tomodachi Rice Bowl.”

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

En Route video a cheese fan's dream

En Route International works with Bradbury and Son to supply business and first class cheeses to its airline customers.

The partners have also produced a mouthwatering video on the process of aging and selecting cheese before making the products available for service in Business and First Class.