Friday, August 12, 2016

Zodiac Aerospace wins a Reddot Design Award

Zodiac Aerospace’s Lifestyle cabin concept has won the Reddot Award in the category “Design concept.”

The Advanced Concept Team and designers from several business units of Zodiac Aerospace worked with London-based creative agency New Territory on the design. 

“The Lifestyle cabin concept illustrates possible aircraft interior design for 10 years’ time, and aims to provoke conversation around the future of the aerospace industry. The concept, privately unveiled at the Aircraft Interiors Expo and Paris Air Show is visualized through a 20th scale aircraft 3D model,” said a release from Zodiac. 

The mock up also features the accompanying motion work on six screens around the model mounted on a light box. The screens bring the interior concept to life through rendered images showing fluid natural movements of passengers around the cabin. 

At Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016, airlines were also able to visit the lifestyle cabin virtually and “walk” into a cabin that could fly in 10 years. The Lifestyle concept also claimed a Crystal Cabin Award in Hamburg.

Photos of the Lifestyle cabin mockup can be found here

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

HMSHost launches Pokémon Go program

With the augmented reality Pokémon Go mobile gaming phenomenon sweeping the United States and beyond, global restaurateur HMSHost reports that elements of the game, called Pokéstops, have been identified at many of its more than 2,000 travel dining locations.

“It’s safe to say that the majority of bystanders have encountered committed players of the game hunting these fantasy creatures in virtually every crevice of the earth—meandering the streets, gallivanting in public parks, and of course exploring airports with phones gripped tightly in pursuit of all 145 currently existing characters,” said a release from the company.

To cater to fans, HMSHost will be launching a "Lure" program in strategic locations, dropping Lures within its airport and motorway restaurants that attract more Pokémon to the area for guests to catch. HMSHost is also engaging its local associates in 50 markets across the United States that will serve as “Pokémon Leads” to activate game-related promotions at a local level. This includes dropping Lures, offering refresh and recharge stations to players, and other game tactics.

“Although having fun is encouraged in HMSHost restaurants, guests are advised to always be mindful of their own safety and the safety of other during their travels,” the company concludes.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Qantas and designer turn tourist snaps into silk scarves

Four Qantas passengers have had their own personal holiday pictures turned into luxury limited edition silk scarves as part of collaboration between Qantas and Australian designers Bird & Knoll.

It’s the second year that Qantas and Bird & Knoll have worked to combine fashion and travel after the debut of the “Feels Like Home” scarf last year, inspired by Qantas Trend Consultant Jessica Hart’s hometown of Melbourne.

The 2016 “Destinations” has four Qantas destinations photographed by travelers who submitted an image they had taken of their favorite destination as part of a Qantas Instagram competition. A panel of judges including Vogue Editor, Edwina McCann, Bird & Knoll founders Macayla Chapman and Natalie Knoll and Qantas Digital Consultant Nicole Warne selected the winning entries.

The images show Tamworth (New South Wales), Venice Beach (Los Angeles), giraffes in the mist (South Africa) and Bondi’s iconic Iceberg ocean baths (Sydney). The images have been translated on to the 90 x 90 centimeter silk designer scarves.

The winning entry destinations include:
Tamworth: Colin Goddard, Sydney
Bondi: Samantha Herbut, Adelaide
South Africa; Soseh Demirian, Sydney
Venice Beach: Carly Chan, Auckland

Bird & Knoll’s design photographer Natalie Knoll said she was impressed with the caliber of images submitted and in particular, the raw authenticity of the images, which were all shot spontaneously during travel, adventures.

“All four of the images by our guest photographers are captivating in different ways. Bondi and Venice Beach are both bold with bursts of bright colors and activity, while South Africa and Tamworth use soft light to highlight the warmth and beauty of animal and landscape. The composition of each image is clever and they all translate perfectly in to a Bird & Knoll scarf.”

The Qantas/Bird & Knoll “Destinations” series scarves will be available for purchase at,, and select retail for $132 each.