Tuesday, August 9, 2016

HMSHost launches Pokémon Go program

With the augmented reality Pokémon Go mobile gaming phenomenon sweeping the United States and beyond, global restaurateur HMSHost reports that elements of the game, called Pokéstops, have been identified at many of its more than 2,000 travel dining locations.

“It’s safe to say that the majority of bystanders have encountered committed players of the game hunting these fantasy creatures in virtually every crevice of the earth—meandering the streets, gallivanting in public parks, and of course exploring airports with phones gripped tightly in pursuit of all 145 currently existing characters,” said a release from the company.

To cater to fans, HMSHost will be launching a "Lure" program in strategic locations, dropping Lures within its airport and motorway restaurants that attract more Pokémon to the area for guests to catch. HMSHost is also engaging its local associates in 50 markets across the United States that will serve as “Pokémon Leads” to activate game-related promotions at a local level. This includes dropping Lures, offering refresh and recharge stations to players, and other game tactics.

“Although having fun is encouraged in HMSHost restaurants, guests are advised to always be mindful of their own safety and the safety of other during their travels,” the company concludes.

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