Monday, December 19, 2016

Kuwait airline Jazeera is IdeaWorksCompany’s best innovator

With a fleet of only seven aircraft, Jazeera Airways can personalize service products that
protect passengers and their vehicles from the desert heat in several ways and earned the airline first place among IdeaWorksCompany’s Top 5 Revenue Innovation Champs for 2016.

IdeaWorksCompany is based in Shorewood, Wisconsin, near Milwaukee and is a well-known consulting firm that tracks airline ancillary revenue, and works with airlines on brand development, customer research and competitive analysis, frequent flyer programs and on-site executive workshops.

Several factors gave Jazeera the edge, said IdeaWorksCompany. The airline in September opened its Park & Fly facility, which has more than 500 covered parking spaces, and an air-conditioned private building for check-in that has Starbucks coffee, ATM, newsagent and a money exchange.

“It’s an exceptional example of an airline building ancillary revenue from service and retail activity, while gaining even more by attracting higher-yield business travelers,” said a release from IdeaWorksCompany.

IdeaWorksCompany recognized four other airlines:
  • Ryanair has built a following of 11 million people in its My Ryanair customer profile initiative. Prospective members answer 15 questions to build a customer profile, with the data collected used for offers to boost revenues. In September Ryanair offered a €10 flight credit to join.
  • Delta Air Lines has been investing heavily in to improve passenger service. Delta now has RFID attachments to bags for passengers to track movement on mobile phone apps.
  • Vueling has a new Pending Passenger feature allows people to book a fellow passenger without a name and save them a seat for a fee of €2 and supply the name of the passenger within a 72 hour window. “Pending Passenger entices consumers to book Vueling…even when all the details of a trip are not yet confirmed,” said IdeaWorksCompany.
  • The fifth airline recognized for innovation was Qantas Airways. People who buy the Qantas Assure health insurance policy can download an app that delivers frequent flyer miles for remaining physically active. Program members can accrue up to 15,000 Qantas pointe in a year for running, walking or even dancing. “The program provides a powerful combination of benefits for Qantas by encouraging frequent flyer participation, generating policy revenue, and building the brand as one that cares for its customers,” said IdeaWorksCompany. 

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