Friday, January 6, 2017

3G connectivity spurs usage, says AeroMobile

Since launching 3G inflight connectivity one year ago, AeroMobile reports it has seen a 160% increase in inflight data usage year on year.

More than half of the company partners are connected to the company’s 3G network. 
In addition to the increase in data usage, AeroMobile says there has been a 22% increase in inflight users and a 14% increase in sent SMS.

“Whether tweeting, texting, emailing, calling or messaging, passengers are staying connected to the world on the ground while on their travels,” said a release from the company.
The company’s 3G connectivity is now available on flights to 55 country destinations with USA, Australia and Ireland topping the 3G-inflight data usage.

AeroMobile recorded its first inflight phone call in 2008 and was the first to launch 3G inflight in December 2015. The AeroMobile service allows passengers to use their own mobile devices to call, text and browse the Internet inflight, and now has over 340 roaming agreements in more than 145 countries.

“It wasn’t long ago that most travelers were unaware of inflight connectivity. Since launching 3G a year ago we’ve seen a significant increase in awareness and usage of our inflight network as passengers can now access more services using their mobile phone. It’s now becoming the norm to tweet from a plane or pick up that important email and we’re proud to continue to lead the way for inflight connectivity,” said Kevin Rogers, CEO of AeroMobile.

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